10 Reasons to Grow Rosemary

Just walking past Rosemary, you can smell it. Make your own natural potpourri by blending rosemary, lemon, and orange in a small saucepan. 2/3 full of water, simmer as low as possible. The aroma will fill the house without artificial substances.

Natural Air Freshener

Rosemary has many traditional purposes, but you must be careful while utilising it for health. Great for hair! You can find some here.

Rosemary has many nutritional benefits:

Several of my recipes use rosemary, and fresh herbs are superior than dried. Rosemary Recipes: Garlic Rosemary Parmesan Pretzels

Great seasoning for poultry and pork!

We can have so many mosquitoes in our garden during the summer, and the trick is to plant things that they do NOT like to be around. Rosemary is one herb that will keep them away.

Repels Mosquitos:

Rosemary is a popular herb to add to tea when your stomach isn't feeling its best.  Steep and strain a few leaves with your tea leaves.

Herbal Tea:

If you have a large window where Rosemary can get full sun in the fall, you may not have to say goodbye to it. Repot a plant for the winter.

Can be moved indoors to grow all year:

Taking 2-3" off a sprig helps the plant grow bushy. You shouldn't harvest before winter since the plant won't have time to recover before the cold hits.

Can be harvested every few days:

Rosemary isn't prone to pests or diseases. You should keep it in a well-ventilated garden area with well-drained soil. When the soil is moist, it doesn't need water. Overly damp soil might cause root rot. Otherwise, don't worry about fertilising or feeding it. Grow!

It's Hardy!

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