17 South-Only Food Terms

The South is famous for its culture, music, friendliness, & gastronomy. 

From Po'boys to possum pies, the South has many unusual & delicious meals. 

Read on to learn about "potlikker" & "hummingbird cake." 17 old-fashioned Southern food words. 

15 classic American desserts deserve a comeback. Chitlins, or chitterlings, are a soul food staple. 

Chitlins are simmered for hours, battered, then fried, then served with apple cider vinegar & spicy sauce. 

Chitlins are a delicacy served in Spanish, Asian, French, Jamaican, & Latin American restaurants. During the Middle Ages, poor people ate chitlins. 

Potlikker is the water remaining after boiling greens or beans. It has vitamins C, K, & iron. After boiling mustard greens, don't dump the water. 

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