184 "Most Likely To" Questions for Couples, Co-Workers, and Friends

Who is your family's lottery winner? Who falls asleep during movies the most? Who's most likely to ask for a raise? You're in luck if you like these questions. We've created our own "most likely to" questions. Browse the list with friends or family. You can use them in formal settings as ice-breakers. Sections make the list easier to navigate. Below are home, work, and friend questions.

Who is the most likely to kiss their dog on the mouth?
Who is the most likely to forget to put on underwear?
Who is the most likely to go skinny dipping?
Who is the most likely to eat something off the floor?
Who is most likely to win a hotdog eating contest?

Who forgets underwear most?
Who makes babies cry?
Who dyes hair the most?
Who fakes their birthday at a restaurant for free cake?
Who uses spreadsheets to plan travel?
Who is most likely to play the lottery?

Who gets wild animal bites the most?
Who will be a Disney adult?
Who has the most candy?
Who eats dinner by 5:00?
Who runs out of toilet paper?
Who cries most at romantic movies?
Who wears mismatched socks?

Who adopts zoo animals?
Who gets allergies the most?
Who eats fast food for dinner?
Who stops often on a road trip?
Who sleeps outside most?
Who marries their best friend?
Who fails the driving test most?

Who will be a successful stand-up comic?
Who steals their parents' car?
Who's most likely to be jailed?
Who has the most kids?
Who gossips the most?
Who will become president?

Who forgets their curfew?
Who wears their parents' clothes?
Who brings siblings to parties?
Who appears in music videos most?
Who throws the biggest birthday parties?
Who fights with family when friends are over?
Who is most likely to return from college with a date?

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