20 beauty and skincare hacks that actually work

The internet is brimming with beauty and skincare hacks that promise to make us all look better while saving us time. Many of those hacks aren't true, but there are a few useful tips that can help everyone simplify their beauty and skincare routines.

Almost everyone occasionally neglects to wash their faces, which is bad for their skin. Makeup and dirt can be easily removed with micellar water on a reusable cotton pad when you're too tired or lazy to do the full skincare routine.

Use micellar water when washing your face isn't possible

Keeping skin care products in the bathroom is convenient, but refrigerating moisturisers and serums is luxurious. Want to avoid fridge clutter? Get a small skincare fridge to store lotions and potions.

Stick your skincare products in the refrigerator

Foundation brushes range from cheap to expensive, but you can skip them altogether. Using fingertips to apply cream-based foundation creates a smooth, natural finish. Wash your hands first to avoid spreading bacteria to your face.

Skip fancy brushes — apply foundation with your hands

Some prefer simple. It's not necessary to try every skin care product on the market. Reduce your routine by using multipurpose products like tinted moisturiser and colour sticks.

Buy multipurpose products

Sugar scrubs exfoliate the skin and aren't expensive. Mix honey, olive oil, and cane sugar until thick, then exfoliate in the shower. This scrub is too harsh for facial skin, but it's great for lips (and edible).

Make a cheap DIY sugar scrub

The ultimate skincare hack is painfully simple: always wear sunscreen. There are few things more clinically proven to prevent aging than sunscreen, and it also reduces the risk of deadly skin cancers like melanoma.

Never skip SPF

Hydrocolloid patches make covering blemishes ridiculously easy. Easy-to-apply flesh-toned bandages like Hero Cosmetics' Mighty Patch minimise red, angry pimples. You can even add makeup for a flawless look.

Cover blemishes with hydrocolloid patches.

You can probably get one more application of foundation by snipping off the container's top. Before buying a new tube, remove the last bits of product with a cotton swab or makeup brush.

Cut open expensive containers to get last bits

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