2022's Newest Fast Food

Want chicken wraps instead of sandwiches? You're covered, KFC. 

Classic, Mac & Cheese, & Spicy Slaw fried chicken wraps are now available. 

Wraps start at $3 with varied toppings. They're just available in Atlanta & adjacent areas. 

But perhaps they'll become countrywide shortly. We don't have to give up cold snacks because it's becoming cooler. 

Autumn Spice milkshake features cinnamon, brown sugar cookie pieces, & Chick-fil-A Icedream. 

Fall dessert with whipped cream & a cherry. Wendy's latest breakfast item is the icing or syrup? on the cake. French Toast Sticks have a golden exterior & custardy interior and come with syrup. 

You can make your own French Toast Sticks until August 15, though. Sonic's Pickle Juice Slush is a favorite.

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