30 foods personal trainers would never eat

Personal trainers often have strict diets with banned foods. Many personal trainers agree that these 30 foods are off-limits. All foods are fine in moderation, and all are eaten occasionally.

Most dry cereals are sugary and lack fibre, with a few exceptions. Children's breakfast cereals are typically sweet. Many boxed cereals are high in carbohydrates with little protein and fat. Personal trainers don't eat sugary cereal.

Boxed cereal

Pre-packaged snack cakes are portable and filling. Due to the high sugar content and artificial colours and flavours, personal trainers wouldn't eat these cakes. Some trans fats exist (although this is on the decline). These packaged cakes are marketed as a snack, but they're dessert.

Prepackaged snacks

Not all canned fruits are created equal, so choose wisely. Water, juice, and syrup are packaged. Choose canned fruit packed in water or juice. Fruit in syrup is too sweet. Fruit already contains sugar, so don't add more. If possible, choose water-packed ones.

Canned fruit in syrup

Rice cakes are a low-calorie snack compared to other options. Rice cakes are made with fast-acting carbohydrates. Flavored rice cakes add salt and sugar, so personal trainers wouldn't eat them.

Rice cakes

Many companies market fat-free or low-fat products, but they can be deceiving. By removing fat, companies must change the taste. Adding salt and sugar helps. This means you're eating a food high in sugar and salt instead of fat. The reduced-fat or fat-free versions may have the same (or more) calories.

Foods without fat

Deep-fried white flour sounds good, but a personal trainer wouldn't eat it for breakfast. Deep-fried doughnuts made with refined white flour, sugar, and artificial flavours and colours. Doughnuts aren't a good way to start the day.


Your body will thank you for splurging on something healthier than instant ramen noodles. Instant noodles are high in sodium and lack nutrition. Instant ramen noodles are tasty and convenient, but they're unhealthy.

Instant ramen noodles

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