6 Warnings to Shoppers From IKEA Employees

If you've decorated a home or apartment, you've probably used IKEA. The Swedish home furnishings giant has 474 locations in 64 markets. IKEA pieces work in dorms and mansions. Many shoppers return for the low prices on well-designed pieces, though some say it strains relationships. Before your next visit, there are a few things you should know about the DIY furniture company. Read on for IKEA's shopping tips.

The stores use tricks to get you to buy certain items.

It's not news that all forms of marketing involve at least some form of manipulation. But while some companies use jingles to stay on the top of your mind or convince you that your life won't be complete without their products, IKEA employs a different type of tactic you've undoubtedly seen while shopping in their stores—likely without even realizing it.

You could be leaving the store unprepared.

The only thing more agonizing than struggling to put together a piece of IKEA furniture is getting near the end of a lengthy construction process and finding that you're missing one essential screw. But while you can't possibly count each piece before you leave the store, you can set yourself up for success by making one extra stop on your way out the door.

Certain items will always be more expensive.

"[The kitchen splashbacks] are the only products in the entire store that are custom made by a third party factory," IKEA employee throwawIKEAthrowaway explained in a Reddit AMA discussing the company's secrets. "Everything else is mass-produced, so the price difference can be quite big."

There are some items you definitely can't return.

Some shoppers may be surprised to find out that you're not necessarily stuck with every IKEA product you manage to roll home. This can even be true for items you've started putting together, so long as it's within a specific timeframe. However, employees warn customers can't exchange some products once they've left the store.

You're missing one important step during furniture assembly.

IKEA furniture can have a way of making even the most skilled carpenters feel helpless with their occasionally complicated instructions. But no matter how adept you are at building furniture, employees warn there's likely one essential step you could be missing when you open up the boxes and start swinging your hammer.

You're shopping for the wrong products.

Anyone who has spent hours perusing the seemingly endless showrooms at IKEA knows there are multiple versions of most furniture items available for purchase. But experts point out that it can be worth it to do a little research at home or use your phone in the store to make sure you're getting a top-of-the-line option.

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