7 restaurant chains gone in 2022

The pandemic has caused widespread restaurant closures, but estimates are continuously fluctuating. 

The Washington Post reports that original estimates may have overstated the problem. 

National Restaurant Association estimates 90,000 pandemic-related closures in 2020. 

This media-repeated number may not be correct. The Washington Post's estimate is lower than the BLS's. 

The epidemic likely led to 72,700 permanent & long-term restaurant closures in 2020, according to the journal. 

These closures are 95% over the annual average. Chain restaurants closed due to the pandemic, & several went bankrupt (and some, liquidation). 

San Antonio lost a popular burger joint. Hometown Burger abruptly closed all eight of its locations last month. The company's website says, "We thank you for your business throughout the years." 

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