7 Signs You're Extremely Fertile (So Watch Out!)

Fertility's weird. Teenagers hate hearing pregnancy news. In our 20s, we take birth control to avoid pregnancy.
Then we try to get pregnant and fertility concerns become everything. We hope to conceive quickly.

"A woman's peak fertility age is 20-24," says Dr. Aaron Styer, co-medical director of CCRM Boston.
As with other medical conditions, peak fertility age varies among women. Age decreases fertility.

1. You're in your early 20s.

Yes, we should all have semi-regular periods. If we don't, there may be a problem.
But if you are one of those people who are on time to the minute, this is just one of the signs you are fertile.

2. You have regular periods.

PMS means your body is functioning properly.
Fertile. A study in Evolution and Human Behavior found women get "wilder" during their fertile days. We're more likely to hook up with a stranger or do friends with benefits then.

3. You experience PMS symptoms.

"When considering their own fertility, many women consider the fertility of close female relatives (e.g., mother and/or sisters).
Some patients ask, "Are there signs I'm normal, above-average, or hyper-fertile?" It's hard to estimate a woman's fertility based on family history or symptoms "Styer

4. You have the right genes.

"Many women believe increased cervical mucus around ovulation or regular menstrual cycles indicate normal or hyper-fertility. Hyper-fertility or normal fertility have no symptoms "Styer says.

5. You have cervical mucus.

"Women with frequent hot flashes and menses less than every 24 days may have fewer eggs and lower fertility (subfertility).
If a woman wants to test her fertility, she can see her OB/GYN or a fertility specialist (reproductive endocrinologist) "Styer says.

6. No hot flashes.

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