9 Fast-Weight-Loss High-Protein Snacks

Some people think eating less will help them lose weight, but that's not true. Healthy weight loss involves getting enough nutrients and eating healthy foods you enjoy.

Find healthy foods to eat if you want to lose weight. This applies to between-meal snacks. If you can find healthy, high-protein snacks that you enjoy, you'll be less tempted to chow down on junk food or snacks that are going to leave you feeling hungrier and unsatisfied.

1. Pistachios

"Pistachios contain protein, fibre, and healthy fats that promote satiety. Eating pistachios in their shells may help with weight loss because the shells can act as a 'cue.' Slowing down the eating process by opening each pistachio shell can lead to greater satisfaction and allow people to pay attention to hunger cues.

2. Hard boiled eggs

Eggs have many health benefits, and eating hard-boiled ones makes for a quick and convenient snack.
"Hard-boiled eggs are packed with high-quality protein in a convenient package. Plus, these snacks are loaded with weight management-supporting nutrients and some fat to help the cause even more

3. Protein bar

High-protein, low-sugar protein bars can be a healthy snack."Eating a protein bar is a great weight-loss snack. Good ones have 15-20g of protein per serving, plus iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and B Vitamins. Avoid protein bars with added sugars or flavours.

4. Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is a versatile protein-rich snack. Eat it alone or with fruit."Cottage cheese is a high-protein snack that's sometimes used as a side dish. Cottage cheese has 25 grammes of protein per cup. Calcium-rich. Cottage cheese is one of the best high-protein snacks for weight-loss."

5. Beef jerky

"Moderate beef jerky consumption is a great protein source. 1 ounce of protein has only 80 calories. It's high in iron, zinc, B12, folate, and phosphorus. Beef jerky is portable, so it's great for meeting protein goals.

6. Almond butter & apple

"Almond butter has monounsaturated fat, vitamin E, manganese, magnesium, fibre, and protein. While the fat content may scare the novice healthy snacker, the quality of fat and nutrients make it better than chips or pastries.

7. Greek yogurt & berries

"Greek yoghurt is calcium- and protein-rich. Regular yoghurt consumption improves health, especially weight loss. Pay attention to added sugar and fat in yoghurt. Yogurt's protein will fill you up without adding extra calories and fat.

9. Hummus-and-veggies

It's important to get plenty of servings of veggies throughout your day, but sometimes this can feel really boring. Spice it up with some hummus and get a boost of protein in the meantime."Hummus is made from chickpeas and contains plant protein. It is filling and makes for a tasty dip," says Young.

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