There Are 9 Proven Methods to Keep Snakes Out of Your Yard

Your yard is a sanctuary you share with nature. Snakes are a unique example of an animal that can be beneficial despite their reputation. If you live where venomous reptiles could harm your children or pets, it's understandable to want to reduce your chances of encountering one on your property. Experts share easy ways to snake-proof your yard.

Lawn care is an important part of home ownership, but it can also be one of the most time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks. However, if you want to discourage snakes from settling on your property, a regular mowing schedule will accomplish both goals.

Stay on top of your yard work.

The sight of beautiful birds feeding and playing in your lawn from the safety of your window or porch is a perk of keeping a lawn. However, this can also serve as a dinner bell to any nearby snakes that are looking for an easy meal.

Avoid attracting prey with lawn decorations.

Gardens can be taken to the next level with the addition of small bodies of water and decorative ponds. The silence can set the mood for a restful evening and serve as a beautiful counterpoint to your carefully tended garden. However, authorities warn that snakes may feel at ease there as well.

Remove all standing water.

Sherrer warns that snakes may seek shelter in places like a coiled water hose on the ground, leaf piles, or stacked firewood. Do away with these things, or at least raise them off the ground, so snakes can't use them as a hiding place.

Get rid of hiding places.

A pet's food bowls should be kept in a convenient location, such as the garage or the back porch, if your dog or cat spends time both inside and outside. However, professionals caution that you may be luring in more than just your furry friends.

Don't put dog or cat food outside.

Burrowing rodents kill grass, plants, and bushes. Snakes may rid you of pests, but they often move into their prey's former home afterward."Snakes won't use old gopher holes if they're filled. They use them to stay cool and catch prey "Sherrer

Fill in holes and burrows.

Not able to abide the idea of making your home inaccessible to the public? Experts say there is a less intrusive way to prevent snakes and other reptiles from entering your yard.

Encircle your lawn with gravel.

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