On the Las Vegas Strip, Yet Another Food Hall Is Going to Open Soon

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This winter, the Aria Resort & Casino will debut a brand-new food hall that will serve as the location for twelve brand-new dining establishments & drinking establishments. 

The Seoul Bird, which will be the first location of its kind outside of London & will serve Korean fried chicken & other Korean foods. 

Will be one of the businesses that will be moving into the Proper Eats food hall. 

Traditional Jewish deli dishes including homemade pastrami & smoked salmon are being offered at the food hall by the sole location of Wexler's Deli found outside of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. 

Egghead by Tao Group Hospitality, which specialises in breakfast food & is located in New York, wants to serve its signature sandwich on potato brioche bread that has been freshly made, along with eggs & cheese. 

Temaki is a new sushi restaurant that has been brought in by Clique Hospitality, which is responsible for the food hall's curation. 

The food hall will have contemporary seating arrangements & be organised around a bar as its focal point. 

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