Apple's new iPhone feature is life-saving

The iPhone has had a huge impact on daily life. Each year's new model adds more functionality than the first version introduced 15 years ago. You can book flights, order lunch, pay for groceries, catch a ride, and videoconference all from your smartphone. Apple just released a potentially life-saving iPhone feature. Learn how your device can help in emergencies.

Apple's annual press conference announcing the latest iPhone's features has become a tech world and gadget fan spectacle. This year's iPhone 14 launch in September included refinements and new features.

As usual, Apple's latest smartphone got a camera upgrade, allowing for better photo and video recording in low light and high-speed motion, as well as an enhanced zoom, Business Insider reported.

The update replaced the permanent dark "notch" with a moving display called the "Dynamic Island" for less distracting notifications. The latest devices have "always-on" screens, so users can see the time and notifications without unlocking.

Apple's latest changes were meant to make people's lives easier, but the company also introduced features it hoped customers would never use. This includes the iPhone 14's new crash-detection technology, which can detect a driving accident and call for help if you're unresponsive. Now, the company adds another safety feature.

It can be easy to become a little too dependent on your smartphone to complete tasks, making a drop in coverage a potentially agonizing scenario. However, it's an entirely different situation to find yourself needing help in an emergency without any way to call for it.

Apple's latest technology may help avoid this nightmare. On Nov. 15, Apple activated the iPhone's SOS via satellite feature. The newest addition will allow users to send a distress call from remote areas via satellite.

Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing said, "Some of the most popular places to travel lack cellular coverage." "With Emergency SOS via satellite, iPhone 14 provides an indispensable tool," he added. The update could also help those affected by natural disasters that knock out network coverage.

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