Are You Familiar With Slang From 1950-1984?

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1950 - Beautiful People

It's hard to believe that the phrase "beautiful people" was ever used as slang. This phrase seems so basic, yet it has been around ever since the concept of beauty was first conceived.

1951 - Nerd

What a dork you are! Awful, using that word in a derogatory way was considered bullying even as far back as the '50s. Nerd was first used by Newsweek to replace the term "square" in 1951.

1952 - Divey (Dive Bar)

become common parlance among clubgoers. While they may not be the most visually appealing establishments, dive bars attract a large number of people every night.

1953 - Hippie

The term "hippie" has been replaced by "hipster," but where did this new term come from? Although the term "hippie" became popular in the second half of the 1960s, it was already in use before that.

1954 - Boonies

This is nothing to be offended by; it simply indicates that you do not reside in close proximity to a major metropolitan area. It's possible that some people would prefer city life to rural isolation.

1955 - Cool

You used to only hear "cool" on rare occasions, but these days it's practically a daily occurrence. A wide variety of contexts welcome your use of this word.

1956 - Nit-Picker

You seem to really enjoy picky people. There wasn't a good way to characterize those people who just can't let go until 1956. It's fine to label them as nitpickers if you like.

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