This Zodiac Sign Makes the Best Dog Owner, According to Astrologers

You may think a good dog owner just loves animals. This affinity for non-humans can help someone be a good pet parent, but it doesn't account for their instinctive nurturing or pragmatism when getting a dog. Astrologers told us which zodiac signs make the best dog owners. Learn which signs made the cut, from ball throwers to dog lovers.


Charlotte Kirsten, founder of the astrology blog Typically Topical, agrees, but says Aquarius isn't as hands-on. "Aquarians, ruled by innovative and socially disruptive Uranus, are likely to start successful animal sanctuaries. They prefer big-picture thinking, and the adoption issue appeals to their humanitarian values." They'll foster a shelter dog until it finds a permanent home.


Leo's outgoing personality extends to animals. "These lions are faithful, playful, and super affectionate," says Kirsten. Leos, ruled by the Sun, take care of pets with ease.Leos "love a pet that can mimic their bubbly personality," so they may have a Golden Retriever or Springer Spaniel.


This sign loves nothing more than socializing and having fun, and owning a dog is one more way they can fill this desire. According to author and astrologer Lisa Barretta, "Geminis are even likely to have multiple pets and consider them part of their social circle." You can expect to find a Gemini pet parent at a doggy meet-up or making friends with other owners at the dog park.


Warmhearted "Pisces is the sign most likely to adopt a homeless dog," says Barretta. Because they're ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, "they're the first to come up with Insta-worthy play-pen ideas," says Kirsten.Barretta notes that Pisces "know what their pet wants or needs." Kirsten says they'll help their pets, too. "For true creators, the more involved they are, the better," she says.


Tauruses are homebodies, so their pets get plenty of attention. Kids, pets, and partners can be as messy as they like, says Honigman. When their dog has an accident on the rug, they replace it with something cheap and washable. Honigman says Queen Elizabeth II always kept dogs, even in the palace.


But Cancer's maternal nature goes beyond a full home. Cancers are "extremely loving and ultra-sensitive by nature," says Kirsten. Cancer is likely to have "More than one true friend by their side, for life. It could be a dog that needs extra emotional or physical care or a clingy pet that no one else can handle "Adds Honigman.

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