Astrologers' top Zodiac sign for hurting feelings

Words can't hurt, right? We learn as adults that this rhyme isn't always true. When a friend invites everyone but us to a party, a coworker rolls their eyes during our presentation, or a family member comments on our appearance, it hurts. The insulters may share a horoscope. Certain zodiac signs are more likely to hurt your feelings, say astrologers. From rude to malicious, find out who topped the list.

Danny Santos, astrologer and founder of Santos & The Crystal Visions, says, "A Virgo won't stop until you realise they're right and you're wrong. Telling you once isn't enough." "If you resist Virgo's scrutiny, they'll attack from other angles to conquer your insecurities."


The sign of the lion also craves being the center of attention, "dazzling the masses with their performative and playful nature," describes Santos. But should you try to steal their spotlight, "Leo may retaliate through territorial behavior, bossiness, and cutting down their competition," he adds.


"However, there is no hiding from the fact that Sagittarians are ruled by the Fire element, meaning they can hurt people's feelings without even realizing," explains Clare. "They think and act so quickly that often they don't mean the words they say, slipping up and causing offense as a result."


So, while they may not hurt your feelings to your face, when you find out what they've been saying behind your back, it can feel like a punch to the gut. "Geminis are the epitome of throwing gas on the fire and causing problems for people," says Clare.


The most self-centered sign, "Newman says they're unreliable and want everyone to follow them."
 On your birthday, if you don't eat fish, your Aries friend may make a sushi reservation. Newman says addressing it will make them "super angry and blunt."


"Scorpios are smart and intuitive, but they don't trust anyone," says astrologer Emily Newman. Santos notes that Mars and Pluto rule them. They're very mysterious and can't imagine that others don't have secrets.


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