Beginner-friendly houseplants

For someone who's never grown houseplants, the prospect of caring for a variety of live organisms can be overwhelming. 

The plant world is rich of easy-going plants that are great for novices. 

These plants can withstand being overwatered once or twice or neglected for a week or two. 

These 20 houseplants range from meandering pothos vines to blossoming African violets. 

These plants may be poisonous to cats & dogs. Make sure a plant is pet-safe before buying it. 

The ZZ plant, or Zamioculcas zamiifolia, is easy to grow. It just needs watering once a week & can live in fluorescent-lit flats & offices. 

The Raven ZZ plant's leaves change from bright green to deep black as they age. Sansevierias are low-maintenance & great for plant novices. 

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