Blood Type Reveals 9 Personalities

You may not think much about your blood type unless you've just donated. 

The presence or lack of A or B antigens and the Rh factor determine your blood type. 

Blood types are A+, A-, B+, B-, AB+, AB-, O+, and O-. According to a 2013 paper in Blood Transfusion, these antigens affect more than blood. 

They can affect blood vessels, neurons, & platelets, & may be associated to illness risk. 

Knowing your blood type is important. Non-O blood types have higher von Willebrand factor & factor VIII levels. 

According to 2015 research from BMC Medicine, these persons also have a 15% higher risk of dying from cardiac disease. 

Before a heart attack, know these 9 things. Type Os have less blood-clotting proteins, thus they're less likely to get blood clots. 

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