Cheesy potato casseroles

Why is this scalloped potato recipe the best? I thinly slice them & put them in cheese sauce. 

Then I put homemade bread crumbs on top—they get crunchy in the oven. At family gatherings, include these. 

This recipe uses up leftover mashed potatoes. Cheese, potatoes, & crust combine to make spud paradise. 

This mashed potato casserole is delicious. This cozy side dish has a golden, crunchy topping & creamy, cheesy interior. Horseradish & nutmeg provide flavor. 

This hearty casserole never gets old for my hubby. Potlucks love it. When I make this ham casserole, I'm reminded of my mother. 

It uses leftover holiday ham well. Our five grandchildren are my outside-the-kitchen passion. 

When a buddy brought this to a church function, I had to get the recipe. Kids never locate the carrots hiding in this recipe. 

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