Exclusive: Chef Alvin Cailan busts the biggest fried egg myth

You've heard countless egg tips. Gordon Ramsay proposes buttering the egg sides, while some cooks recommend using water instead of milk. 

Your preference is key. Eggs can be used on toast or in hibachi fried rice. 

Chef Alvin Cailan is a fried egg specialist, so we asked him for tips. 

Alvin Cailan revealed the finest technique to build a breakfast sandwich & the most underappreciated U.S. breakfast meat. 

Next up: dark turkey flesh. Cailan created Los Angeles' Eggslut & currently serves it at Amboy. 

Chefs have long given recommendations on how to cook the "perfect" egg, but Cailan says it comes down to one thing. 

Alvin Cailan said there are too many rules when it comes to frying eggs. "Obviously, no one wants eat overcooked egg, but when I went to culinary school, they were like, 'You can't turn eggs brown. 

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