Customers Will Lose This in January at Costco.

Costco has loyal customers like no other. The store's Kirkland brand and bulk product deals are worth the annual membership fee. Food court and in-store samples also draw customers. Even though the company has tried to keep its unique features, it occasionally drops them. Now, Costco will eliminate a popular perk early next year. See the warehouse retailer's changes.

Costco's hot dog prices are notoriously stable, but they can change. In May, the company dropped its two-year-old mortgage programme for members. Eat This, Not That! reported that some Reddit users thought the change was related to the housing market, even though the retailer didn't say why.

In July, the store raised prices for two popular food court items, attracting customers' attention. The warehouse retailer raised its popular bacon and cheese-stuffed chicken bake from $1 to $3.99 and a 20-ounce soda from $0.59 to $0.69.

The Honolulu Civil Beat reported that Costco stopped selling books in Alaska and Hawaii weeks earlier. The company didn't explain its decision, but Hawaii location managers said sales were likely to blame.

Note if you use a warehouse retailer co-branded credit card. The Points Guy reports that Citi has informed Costco Visa cardholders that the card will lose a major extended warranty benefit for items purchased with the card. The change affects Citi's Costco Anywhere Visa Card and Visa Business Card.

The new policy takes effect on Jan. 22, according to an email sent to affected customers. The Points Guy reports that the change affects cardholders who haven't been contacted by the company.

The Points Guy reports that the current perk automatically extends warranties on qualifying purchases by 24 months with a seven-year limit. The card limits claims to $10,000 or the item's replacement cost, whichever is less. Boats, antiques, and houses don't usually qualify for extended coverage.

Citi's update says the card's extended warranty will be honoured until Jan. 22. After that date, items won't be protected. The Points Guy reports that the company says the changes will not affect covered item claims.

According to Cheapism, r/Costco users have been discussing the change for months. Costco hasn't explained why it cut the perk, but some workers say it was out of its control."I work at Costco, I was one of the first to see the Citi email," systemofadingus wrote on Reddit. "… Definitely Citi. Not sure why they removed that feature."

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