Costco shoppers love this "impossible-to-find" item

Costco shoppers love many products. Customers have plenty of reasons to return beyond the bulk bargains, from the Kirkland brand to the hot dog and soda combo at the food court. Fans love the store's seasonal baked goods. Now, shoppers are raving about a "hard-to-find" Costco item. See why people love this product.

Holidays involve decorating the house and reviving old traditions. This often involves food or seasonal treats to mark the season. SheKnows reports that a popular Bonne Maman jam advent calendar has hit Costco shelves.

In a viral TikTok post from Sept. 5, @costco empties shows the 12-day version of the product at the warehouse retailer. They write in the video's caption, "I know it's early, but these sell out fast and make a lovely gift!"

Others have followed suit since then. @costco doesitagain posted the calendar on Instagram on Nov. 14. Commenters were happy the product was back, but some noted how difficult it is to get.

SheKnows says the Bonne Maman advent calendar is $13.99 at Costco. Each contains 11 one-ounce bottles of limited-edition jam and one honey, including Cherry with Elderflower, Seedless Raspberry, Orange with Cinnamon, Apricot & Mango, and Raspberry & Rose. It's a simple gift—or self-treat—for foodies.

Fans say that the spreads aren't just for putting on toast, either. "If you mix those preserves with gin, you can make a really good cocktail, just saying," user @thejamiegrayson commented on the @costco_doesitagain post.

Others said it's not just the jam that's worth buying. Reddit user: "I bought this last Christmas for the jars." "I sew and quilt, so the jars are great for small craft items like sequins and beads," she said.

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