Crab Rangoons

My husband enjoyed the crab rangoons at a Chinese restaurant, so I made them at home. 

I perfected them after two more restaurant visits & four home experiments. 

Cream cheese should be smooth. Add crab, garlic, & onions. 

Fill a wonton wrapper with 1-1/2 tablespoons. Keep remaining wrappers covered until ready to use. 

Wet edges; fold opposite corners over filling & push. Repeat. 375° 1 in. of oil in an electric skillet. 

Fry wontons, 1 minute per side, in batches. Towel-dry. Sweet-and-sour sauce. Before baking loaded crab rangoons, freeze them for 15 minutes. 

So they're crispy & leak-free. Wrap wonton wrappers in batches so the water doesn't dry out. If the water dries, wonton wrappers unravel. 

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