Creative Zodiac Tattoos for Every Sign

Zodiac tattoos look great on anyone, regardless of your birth chart knowledge. You can represent your moon sign or your "main" sun sign with astrology body art. (This explainer will help you understand the sun, moon, and other signs in your chart.)

Aries is the first zodiac sign, represented by a V with curved tips. Isabella Almaleh, a Texas tattoo artist, depicted the fire sign as a ram below. She added a wreath of long, slender leaves around the ram and a crescent moon with a dotwork shadow behind it. Red ink matches the fiery sign.


Taurus is a versatile sign. The sign's symbol is a circle with a wavy top. Of course, the constellation or the bull, which New York City artist Marissa Monroe drew accurately below, are also options. She made only the bull's head whimsical and almost cartoonish. Pink and black stars adorn the head and eyes. A bright pink star on the animal's nose ring shows how to add colour to a tattoo.


Geminis may get a bad rep on social media, but the possibilities for Gemini-themed tattoos are too good to avoid. Instead of an animal, the air sign is represented by a pair of twins and a symbol shaped like a column with curved lines on either end. 


Sophie C'est La Vie's Cancer-inspired tattoo in New York City included blue hues and the crustacean. The large crab's pastel, cobalt, and navy swirls blend well. The flower below the sea animal is typical of La Vie's work. She added stars, leaves, and a moon.


The lion symbolises the fire sign. Leo's symbol is a circle with a side-jutting curved line that hooks at the end. Almaleh symbolised fire with a lioness. The detail on this large cat makes it seem like its eyes are staring right into your soul. She added dots, circles, and fine lines around the cat and florals and three roses behind its face.


Libra's symbol looks like an upsidedown horseshoe on top of a line. Instead of an animal, this air sign is represented by the scales to symbolize balance. Vonne depicted the scales in the form of a naked woman with a third eye. This woman has a head full of glorious curls and in each hand, she holds a celestial body: the sun in her left hand and a crescent moon in the right.


Shalitzin tattooed both. Her goddess had flowers in her hair, white irises and pupils, and the Virgo symbol on her forehead. Dotwork shading separates the sun's rays behind the woman's head. Dotwork shaded her hair, too. Soberanis added butterflies, flowers, and Earth to the maiden's face.


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