Drinks to Make You the Best Home Bartender

An old-fashioned combines whiskey, bitters, cherry juice, sugar, & water. 

This Wisconsin-popular old-fashioned recipe utilizes brandy instead of whiskey & lemon-lime soda instead of water. 

Here's a 1940s & '50s cocktail. Traditional Moscow Mules are served in copper mugs with ice. Sunday brunch Mimosas are classy. 

Champagne & orange juice are sweetened with champagne & cranberries. Lemon drop martini time! Lemon & liquor excite the taste buds. 

This creamy drink caps holiday celebrations. It's like liquid dessert with condensed milk and ice cream. Gimlet for light drinkers. 

The sweet & tangy flavors are pleasing but not overwhelming. Mint juleps are essential for Kentucky Derby Day. 

This mint julep recipe is great anytime. This tropical cocktail is velvety smooth & tropics-flavored. The drink can be made ahead & chilled. 

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