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Easy and delicious apple desserts the whole family will enjoy

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Apple fritters

Okay, maybe this one is more for breakfast than for dessert. Start Thanksgiving off right with these apple fritters from The Pioneer Woman to hold everyone over until dinner. 

Apple crisp

A delightful dessert that even tastes good left over, the kids will probably beg to have some for breakfast the morning after! 

Apple hand pies

This flaky pastry full of goodness will tempt the whole family to drop the forks and eat with their hands

Apple coffee cake

A cup of coffee and some spongy apple coffee cake is a terrific way to start or end a day of holiday preparation. 

Apple tart

Here's a fancy-looking dessert that is easy to replicate!

Apple bread

This loaf is so delicious that your loved ones will want you to bake it not just on special occasions, but regularly.

Caramel-dipped apples

Always a hit when fall arrives, you can add sprinkles and other toppings if so inclined.

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