Easy, flavorful chicken marinades

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A marinade is a liquid & condiments used to flavour dishes before cooking. 

Extra-virgin olive oil, wine, & spices marinate chicken well. With these 10 marinades, you'll never grow bored with chicken. 

This sweet & flavorful BBQ marinade earns a spot in your chicken supper rotation because it requires little preparation beyond mixing the ingredients. 

You can store the chicken marinate for three months, so we recommend doubling the recipe. 

Homemade teriyaki sauce is cheaper & easier to create than store-bought. The remainder of the components are pantry basics. 

Raspberry jam lends a sweet, fruity dimension to chicken marinades & pairs well with balsamic vinegar. 

Just mince garlic & mix it with the remaining ingredients. Then refrigerate your chicken to absorb the taste. Greek chicken is a tasty, versatile protein. 

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