Easy Weekend

Projects to Increase the

Value of Your Home

Remove Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceiling removal is a messy process, so protect your belongings by laying down drop cloths or removing them entirely. Walls and floors can be covered to lessen the amount of cleanup needed.

Professionals in the field of home improvement tend to agree on the value of a fresh coat of paint. It's a simple and affordable method to give your house a facelift without breaking the bank.

Grab a Paintbrush

Ditch the Clutter

When trying to attract potential buyers, less is more in terms of house staging. The key goal is to allow the potential buyer imagine themselves in the property, which is difficult to achieve if the seller's personal items are all over the place.

Have you ever seen a modern-looking house that felt '70s inside? Outdated door handles, faucets, and cabinet knobs could be a factor.

Change Your Hardware

Adding a dash of color to your neutral-colored home freshens the look. Pillows, lamps, and candles are cheap and enliven a space.

Add a Pop of Color

A good power wash will help you remember to clean the outside of your home when you spend most of your time inside. Cobwebs, bird excrement, dust, and weathering can make your house look nasty.

Power Wash the Outside

Clean carpets carefully. Baldwin said soiled carpets may make buyers question about other postponed upkeep, so regular cleaning is key. Spot clean spots before steam cleaning the carpet.

Steam Clean the Carpets

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