Elon Musk refuses to fund starlink

Musk says SpaceX can't fund Starlink 'indefinitely' Musk. 

SpaceX's wealthy CEO, said his business couldn't "indefinitely" subsidize internet access in Ukraine with its Starlink terminals. 

Which have been essential in previous offensives. 

His tweets come a week after Ukrainian officials rebuked him for advocating a peace plan that entailed relinquishing land to Russia. 

Since Russia's invasion in late February, over 12,000 Starlink internet terminals have been delivered to Ukraine. 

CNN reported last month that SpaceX asked the Pentagon to subsidize Ukrainian government & military use of Starlink. 

He didn't name the Pentagon but discussed sponsoring Starlink. “SpaceX not looking to recoup past expenses, but can't fund existing system indefinitely *&* send several thousand more terminals”. 

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