Enchilada tortilla type

Enchiladas can compete with tacos & burritos for Mexican food fans' affections. 

Enchiladas are saucy, cheesy, spicy, & packed with fillings. 

The simple formula of rolled tortilla, filling, & sauce makes it easy to personalize enchiladas. 

Whether smothered in tex-mex chile sauce or topped with Swiss cheese & tomatillo salsa, you can find the enchilada that speaks to you. 

With so many tasty options, you may not worry about the tortillas you use for your beans & cheese. 

They're often an afterthought, a vehicle for fillings & toppings, but that's a mistake. 

Like sandwich bread, the right tortilla may turn your enchiladas into a boring, mushy disaster. Which corn or flour tortilla is best for enchiladas? 

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