Fake tuna in sushi

We watch what we eat. It's crucial to know what's in our favourite meals, whether we're health-conscious or ecologically conscientious. 

This may be harder than we think. Larry Olmsted's book "Real Food/Fake Food. 

Why You Don't Know What You're Eating and What You Can Do About It" details various grocery store items that are swapped out for cheaper alternatives.

 Delish found fraud in beef, cheese, & seafood. Ground coffee is often diluted with powdered instant coffee. 

Roasted maize, roasted barley, & roasted paper, according to the book. Parmesan cheese may contain inferior cheeses or wood pulp. 

Your beloved spicy tuna roll or tuna nigiri may also be false. 

Oceana, a non-profit working for ocean conservation, has issued various reports on fish fraud. 

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