Fat-Burning Foods

Sweet, juicy raspberries are healthy. High in potassium, calcium, lutein, & zeaxanthin, these berries prevent belly fat & macular degeneration. 

Almonds contain Omega-9 fatty acids. These fatty acids help balance blood sugar, which prevents between-meal snacking. 

Avocados are abundant in calories, yet their beneficial fats decrease cholesterol & manage blood sugar. 

Avocados are a fat-burning powerhouse, rich in potassium, fiber, & vitamins B and E. 

White fish is a lean, low-calorie protein source. Once a week, eat white fish. 

It should be easy with all the options. Using chilies in cooking boosts your metabolism & helps you lose weight. 

Spice originates from chilies' capsaicin. This drug encourages you to sweat, which increases energy consumption. 

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