Fatigue-fighting foods

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Your thoughts & body are cloudy & sluggish. Two o'clock. You shouldn't be sleepy. Even though you slept well last night, a midday siesta is calling.

Whole, sliced, or blended. Bananas are a healthy snack. These fruits enhance energy & athletic performance & reduce inflammation.


Dark chocolate is considered a "superfood" This treat contains cocoa flavanols, which helps. Swinburne University found that flavanol-rich meals reduce mental tiredness & boost mood.


According to UA research, chia seeds may increase athletic performance and energy. Many foods contain these seeds. Sprinkle some on yoghurt or a smoothie.


If cappuccino is your morning routine, listen up. Green tea might be better. Holistic drink contains caffeine, like coffee. Research shows L-theanine can moderate its negative effects.


Quinoa is a rice alternative & anti-fatigue food. The high-carb pseudo-grain has a low glycemic index. Eating easily digestible carbs like quinoa for breakfast provide energy throughout day.


Medium apples have 10 grammes of natural sugars, including glucose & fructose, which can boost energy. Not done: South African Journal of Botany research.


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