FDA warns against cooking chicken in NyQuil after TikTok video

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This disturbing & horrific conduct is a risky prescription overuse. Don't cook chicken in NyQuil: It may appear like the FDA is joking, but the warning is true. 

The press statement cites a "recipe for disaster." FDA: "A recent social media video challenge urges people to cook chicken in NyQuil acetaminophen, dextromethorphan, & doxylamine, to consume." 

It's a terrible & horrific misuse of nonprescription drugs. Boiling a drug can make it more concentrated & affect its characteristics. 

"Inhaling pharmaceutical vapours while cooking can induce drug overdose. 

It can damage lungs." The FDA called frying chicken in NyQuil a "challenge," but the TikTok video didn't use the word, & it's unclear if or how many people tried it. 

TikTok users aren't strangers to damaging trends & challenges, & the fact that these films rely on peer pressure is an issue. 

FDA: "These video challenges, which target teens, can injure individuals & cause death." 

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