Foods doctors advise avoiding

Poor nutrition harms health. A nutritious diet can lessen your risk for chronic diseases like heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, & more, says the CDC. 

Raw flesh

Raw or undercooked meat can be deadly for cancer patients & immunocompromised people. Any raw or uncooked item has a higher risk of carrying bacteria .

If you're concerned about your metabolic health, don't start the day with cereal. Most breakfast cereals, refined grains, breads, crackers, & baked products contain processed flour.


Lunch meats, bacon, sausages, & hot dogs may affect your heart. Dr. Lopez-Jimenez said many research reveal their toll on health & heart disease risk. 


During cancer therapy, cancer patients should avoid alcohol. "During cancer therapy, the goal is to strengthen & preserve one's physique.


According to the American Heart Association, hydrogen is added to liquid vegetable oils to make them solid. "They're nutrient-less & toxic. 


Sports drinks help replace electrolytes, but they're sugary. Dr. Cucuzzella said sports drinks contain a lot of fructose, which our livers can only process in little doses. 


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