Foods with high cholesterol

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Solid at room temperature, butter has more than 50 grammes of saturated fat per 100 grammes. Butter and other dairy products contain some trans fats.


Full-fat cream is heavy in saturated fat: 21.8 grammes per 100-gram serving.


Popular cheese is high in saturated fat. 19.4 grammes are in 100g.


Milk chocolate contains full-fat dairy, thus it's heavy in saturated fat (18.5 grammes per 100 grammes).


Margarine prepared from palm & soybean oils has 36.3 grammes of saturated fat & 0.4 grammes of trans fat per 100-gram serving.


Olive oil86.5 grammes of saturated fat per 100 grammes of coconut oil. No trans fat!

Olive Oil

Many of these foods are blended into pies, which are heavy in saturated & trans fats. Per 100-gram serving, chocolate cream pie has 12.4 grammes of saturated fat & 1.3 grammes of trans fat.


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