Forbidden foods around the world

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Some foods are contentious. From candies to kebabs, these strange products, foods, & drinks have been prohibited or limited over the years. 

US 'raw almonds' are pasteurised. Raw almonds can transmit salmonella, which causes fever, diarrhoea, & stomach cramps. 

Steaming or roasting doesn't affect their flavour. 

Candies containing konjac, a gelling ingredient, are banned in the EU, Australia, & other countries because of their texture. 

Most konjac-containing goods with peel-off lids are forbidden. In 1992, Singapore banned chewing gum to clean its streets. 

"Therapeutic" gum (nicotine gum or gum prescribed for medicinal purposes) can be found in pharmacies. 

Not only gum can get you in trouble in Singapore. Poppy seeds aren't likely to get you high, although they can contain traces of opiates & are therefore illegal. 

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