Garlic Cheese Rolls to eat once

Looking for a tasty side dish? Garlic bread rolls require no special equipment or culinary abilities. 

Check out this 20-minute recipe. I love kitchen shortcuts. Especially sides. Sometimes you focus on the main dish & forget about the sides. 

Garlic bread is a simple side dish for pizza, soups, & meat. Grands Biscuits make this recipe easy. 

You can use Pillsbury Grands or Walmart's Great Value or Best Choice (available in many grocery stores). 

Since you're flavoring these biscuits heavily, you won't notice any slight variances in taste or quality. 

We pack each roll with mozzarella cheese, so it's almost like biting into a stuffed crust pizza. SO GOOD. 

Our team member once accidentally bought honey butter flavored biscuits. To avoid a mistake, stick with the original biscuits or buttermilk. 

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