Here are the top frozen French fries

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I've always loved potato-based dishes & rate restaurants by their French fries. 

When it comes down to it, I'm delighted to eat fries from any fast food business. 

When requested to rate the greatest frozen French fries, I went to every nearby shop to buy packages of frozen potatoes in all shapes & sizes. 

Then I enlisted the services of my highly picky teenage daughter, who tried all these types with me as long as ketchup was involved. 

I cooked the fries in a regular oven (not an air fryer) & followed the bag instructions. 

My youngster used ketchup, but I ate them without salt, spice, or dipping sauces for a proper tasting test. 

See which store-bought fries won. My longtime favorite didn't win. I visit Red Robin for their unlimited fries, so I was excited to try them. 

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