Homemade German dishes

German cuisine are delicious. Each recipe includes comprehensive directions. 

Traveling through food is my passion. I try to share my favourite recipes from my travels, like this Italian bean soup or one of these traditional Italian sweets. 

When I was in Regensburg with Viking River Cruises, we ate at the Historic Sausage Kitchen of Regensburg. 

You can't visit this region without doing this. Try this bratwurst skillet until then. Bratwurst needs a beer. 

Later, I travelled Germany's Romantic Road. After that trip, I wanted to share German food with you. People cautioned me not to get excited about German food, but I liked it. Wrong! 

Those who advised me not to anticipate wonderful cuisine hadn't tried true German cooking. These delicious meals are popular during Oktoberfest. 

Host an Oktoberfest party. A holiday lunch would be nice. German food is comforting & hearty. Germany's regions have varied cuisines. 

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