Hoppin' John: A Complex Southern Comfort Food

Southern U.S. comfort cuisine includes buttermilk biscuits drenched in gravy, pecan pie, & crispy fried chicken. 

Southern food is down-home soul food that is there when we need it most, whether you grew up in the South & these meals are nostalgic or you just appreciate them. 

Some of the best Southern foods aren't well-known. Hoppin' John is a traditional New Year's Day dish in the South, according to Atlas Obscura. 

Hoppin' John is believed to bring luck in the new year. Hoppin' John dates back to Antebellum kitchens. 

But it's hard to recreate due to ingredients that are no longer available or have been altered for contemporary agriculture (via Serious Eats). 

Hoppin' John's past is vital to understanding Southern culture. True Southern food is influenced by West African culture. 

West African slaves brought tangible parts of their culture to the South. Slaves continued to cook stews and one-pot meals (via Due South). 

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