KFC's best menu item returns

This week is great for KFC enthusiasts. Popular KFC Twister Wraps are back on the menu. 

It's a pilot initiative in select markets. KFC featured "Twister Wraps" in the early 2000s. 

Customers were devastated when the restaurant removed the wraps in 2014. 

Since then, they've begged for its return. The corporation finally granted those requests. 

They plan to bring back the wrap sandwich in a pilot initiative in Atlanta. 

The product has a new name ""KFC Wraps" Three variations of the delectable treat are available. Wraps with coleslaw, macaroni & cheese, & chicken tenders. 

All snacks are $3. KFC wants to ride the snack food wave. Due to remote work & flexible scheduling, several eateries provide snack foods. 

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