Korean street food favourite Sotteok

Korean food is popular worldwide, especially in America. According to Spoonshot, Korean cuisine witnessed a 90% growth in 2021. 

Shake Shack took their hand at Korean fried chicken last year, reports Today. 

Among popular K-cuisine food fads like Korean fried chicken, saucy tteokbokki (hot rice cakes), crispy Korean corn dogs, savoury bibimbap & bulgogi, spicy kimchi fried rice, & others is sotteok sotteok. 

Sotteok sotteok is a sweet & spicy sauced meal that alternates tiny sausages & garae-tteok (chewy cylindrical rice cakes) on a skewer. 

What's sotteok sotteok's magic? Named simply for what it is — sausage or "sosiji" (shortened to "so") & rice cake ("tteok") alternated on a skewer by Korean comedian and TV host Lee Young-ja (via YouTube). 

This portmanteau of "so" & "tteok" becomes "sotteok sotteok" This skewered sausage form of tteokbokki is frequently coated with a gochujang-ketchup sauce, but it can be be topped with mustard & ketchup or melted cheese (per London is Hungry & Maangchi). 

It's marketed at gas station rest areas and pojangmacha tents (vinyl tent-covered street food stalls). With tteokbokki, soondae (Korean sausage), and kkochi on Lonely Planet's list of South Korea's greatest street food

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