Melissa King teams up with Square Pie for sweet, spicy pizza

The Square Pie Guys have already collaborated with Jeremy Lin and Samin Nosrat for charity, & now they've enlisted Top Chef winner Melissa King for "the King's Pie." 

Self-proclaimed "pizza purist" King enjoys basic pizza. She wanted pepperoni cups & mushrooms for her Detroit-style pizza. 

She also wanted to add some heat & spice while incorporating her background as a Chinese American, so she helped develop a Szechuan chilli honey that gets drizzled on the red-sauced pizza; along with pepperoni.

 mushrooms, grana padano cheese, parsley, & pickled peppers for additional heat. 

Schechter of King says she's the type of chef who appreciates ingredients & knows that simple might be better. 

It needn't be extravagant. The Szechuan chilli honey was such a hit with King & the boys that they integrated it into the King Wings, twice-fried chicken wings tossed in the spicy-sweet concoction. 

King says the wings "happened organically as we created together" Schechter says King was on their list of sought-after collaborators. 

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