Must-Try World Foods

Vietnamese beef & noodle salad with diverse flavors & textures. 

Thin rice vermicelli noodles, bean sprouts, sautéed meat, raw veggies, lettuce, herbs, & crushed peanuts are traditional ingredients. 

Try our step-by-step recipe for this refreshing dinner. Kofta are ground beef, lamb, hog, or chicken meatballs or kababs with onions & spices. 

This recipe uses classic Mediterranean tastes & can be grilled or baked, depending on equipment & season. 

This Lorraine-style quiche has eggs, cream, & bacon. Quiches are simple & versatile enough for even inexperienced cooks. 

Japanese food goes beyond sushi. Ramen, rice bowls, soba noodles, curries, dumplings, savory pancakes. 

Katsudon is steamed rice topped with a panko-crusted pork cutlet & egg. This potato & egg dish, tortilla espaola, is easy to make & a great quick supper choice. 

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