Nacho cheese you must try

Who doesn't like nachos? Nachos involve tortilla chips, jalapenos, sour cream, & melted cheese. 

When purchasing nachos at a movie theater, restaurant, or ballpark. 

You don't have many cheese alternatives, but when making them at home, you do. 

Wisconsin Cheese says there are more than 1,800 cheese varieties. What's the best nacho cheese? 

You can get a can or jar from Walmart's chip section. Or, buy fresh & melt it yourself. 

You must choose a type. Many cheese types taste wonderful & melt well for nacho sauce, but the best type depends on your taste buds. 

These labels indicate which cheeses taste nice on nachos. Many "nacho cheese" alternatives at Walmart actually cheddar. Gourmet nacho, aged, mild, jalapeo, condensed cheddar, etc. 

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