Naples must-eats

People visit Italy for its architecture, history, & food. 

Naples is the hub of Italian cuisine because pizza was invented there, its location near the sea, & the fact that much of its food is fried. 

Here are 10 must-eat meals in Naples. Naples is the birthplace of pizza, but not always the iconic pie. 

Since most villagers couldn't afford an oven after WWII, they fried & sold food to survive. 

The inflated effect made food appear fuller & helped Naples' economy. 

Pizze fritte is the most famous fried dish in Naples. Large diamond-shaped fried dough packed with cheese, tomato sauce, & pork. 

Montanara is the next best thing to a gigantic diamond-shaped fried pizza. Montanara is shaped & topped like a typical pizza, except its dough is fried. 

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