Best non-Nutella chocolate hazelnut spreads

Nutella was invented in 1964 and brought to America in the 1980s. 

Many businesses have introduced chocolate hazelnut spreads that are more artisanal, allergen-friendly, & potentially even healthier. 

Integrative nutritionist Selena Ayala, CNP, explains Nutella's addicting components. The pleasure & allure of Nutella is the sugar rush & dopamine we get from a tablespoon. 

We adore Nutella, but we like having alternatives. All of these spreads are different from Nutella, & while we're comparing them, they all bring new flavour profiles & textures to the market. 

Here are the best chocolate hazelnut spreads that aren't Proteins vary. Protein, carbohydrates, & lipids are needed for normal body function. 

Protein helps our bodies develop, heal, & maintain structure. Enzymes & antibodies help our immune system. All of these proteins are made of amino acids from protein-rich meals. 

We use 20 amino acids, nine essential. The body can't make essential amino acids, thus we must eat them. Best protein powder for weight loss boosts protein intake & supports weight loss.

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