Nury Martinez resigns after racist remarks

The president of the Los Angeles City Council resigned after a leaked audio tape showed. 

Racist comments she made regarding the Black kid of a white council member & Indigenous immigrants in Koreatown. 

"I own my comments; there are no excuses." Nury Martinez, the council president, said Monday. 

She would resign from her leadership role, but not from the council as some had wanted. 

"As a mother, I know better. I'm mortified." Ms. Martinez's comments, delivered in a meeting with two other council members & a labor leader last year. 

Showed persistent racial tensions in one of the nation's most cosmopolitan cities & fault lines within the city's Democrats. 

Ms. Martinez, who is Latina, compared the Black child of a white council member to a "changuito" in the profanity-laced recording obtained by The New York Times.

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