Omaha zoo closes exhibits due to bird flu

Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium halted displays & took other precautions after a pelican died of bird flu. 

A zoo's pink-backed pelican that died Thursday tested positive for avian flu. 

Second pelican euthanized Friday. Lied Jungle, Desert Dome, & Simmons Aviary are closed for 10 days as a precaution. 

Omaha Zoo closed its aviaries & transferred birds inside whenever feasible to protect them against avian influenza, which is spread by wild bird droppings. 

The zoo reopened its aviary in June after bird flu cases declined, but several were detected throughout the summer, & the outbreak has resurged this fall. 

More than 47 million hens & turkeys have been slaughtered in 42 states to limit avian flu. When the infection is identified, officials destroy entire flocks. 

Last month, 6 million birds & turkeys were slaughtered to stop the sickness. Omaha Zoo limited employee access to birds & required personnel to clean their shoes before entering bird sections. 

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